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Privacy and Security

We are committed to making sure that your personal information is safe and secure. We've designed our site with this belief in mind, and we've created this privacy and security statement so that you have easy access to information about our privacy and security practices.

Your Privacy:



The Information We Collect Online

When you place an order with us, we ask you to provide information on our secure online order form. This information includes your name, mailing address, shipping address, email address and credit card information. We ask for this information so that we can process your payment and fulfill your order. In other areas of our Web site, we may ask for name, address, email and other information needed to handle inquiries.

All information relating to our customers is stored in a secure environment separate from our Web site. Information relating to customer orders is logged by our Web site in encrypted form and kept on the server in encrypted form only as long a necessary to ensure that orders are handled correctly.

In order to make improvements to our site, we may gather information that helps show how customers use the site. For example, we might do research to determine which areas are accessed most frequently. This information is analyzed only in aggregate and not at the individual level. Personal information, such as your name and email address, is not included in the analysis.

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The Sort of Information We Do Not Collect

When you visit our site, we do not collect your name, email address or any other personal information unless you provide it to us. We do not follow your browsing path outside of www.RikerMounts.net.

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How We Use The Information We Collect

We have a strong commitment to providing quality goods and excellent customer service. Our goal is to make this commitment a reality by offering products and services that meet your needs.

The information we gather when you visit our site may be used in aggregate to improve the products and services we offer you. In the end, we hope this information will help us tailor our communications so that you receive more of what you want from us and less of what you don't want.

Except to verify credit card information to complete your order, we do not use or release any credit card or financial information for any purpose.

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About "Cookies"

A cookie is a small file stored on your computer by a Web site to give your computer a unique ID. Cookies help make it possible to identify you and track your browsing patterns.

We use cookies in order to keep track of items that you have placed in your shopping cart. If you are using a browser that does not support cookies, or if you disable your browser's ability to accept cookies, the contents of your shopping cart will be lost when you close your browser. If your browser accepts cookies, and you allow it do do so, the contents of your shopping cart will remain accessible to you even if you close your browser.

However, please note that shopping carts that go unused for too long, i.e., about 24 hours, are deleted and can no longer be accessed.

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How We Use Email

After you place an order on our site, you will receive an automatic email confirmation. Later, after we ship your order, we will send you an email with shipping information. You will receive these emails only if you have provided your email address during checkout. Also, we may send you an email if we have questions about your order.

We keep customer email addresses on file and may send email notifications to customers who we think might be interested in learning about sales and special events at our site.

Please note that we do not sell or share email addresses with other companies.

We do use email as a means of receiving feedback from our customers, and we encourage you to email us with your questions or comments. We read every email we receive.

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Information We May Share With Others

We do not ordinarily share information about our customers with other companies. Except when required by law, we do not disclose information about our customers without their prior consent.

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Information We Do Not Share With Others

We do not share, sell or trade email addresses, information collected as part of a survey or specific details about you or your household. We do not contribute to or participate in shared or cooperative databases, which give other companies access to your personal information. We do not release credit card or financial information for use by other companies. For privacy purposes, all information relating to our customers is stored on a highly secure server that is not accessible via the Internet.

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You Play a Role in Security

While We work to protect your privacy, you also play a role in protecting your information. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your online shopping experience on the Internet is safe and secure.

Four Ways to Protect Yourself

  1. If the computer system you are using requires a password, don't reveal it to anyone else. A password is designed to protect the privacy of your personal information, but it will only work if you keep it to yourself. If you think your password has been compromised, change it immediately.
  2. Don't walk away from your computer if you are in the middle of a session.
  3. If anyone else is likely to use your computer, clear your cache or turn off and re-initiate your browser in order to eliminate copies of web pages that have been stored in your hard drive. How you clear your cache will depend on the browser and version you have. This function is generally found in your preferences menu.
  4. Upgrade your browser to the most current version available in order to take advantage of new security technology and practices.
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Protecting Our Children

We do not knowingly solicit data from children, and we do not knowingly market to children. We recognize that protecting children's identities and privacy online is important and that the responsibility to do so rests with both the online industry and with parents.

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Count On Our Commitment To Your Privacy

You can count on us to keep you informed about how we protect your privacy and limit the sharing of information you provide to us - whether it's over the phone or through the Internet.

Please note, however, that since we cannot control information on other Internet sites, we are not responsible for the content of sites linked from www.RikerMounts.net.

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Secure Online Ordering

Our Web site, in conjunction with features built into popular Web browser software, provides advanced security for your on-line purchases. We’ve worked hard to bring you a secure on-line ordering environment. We hope you’ll contact us with your questions, comments or concerns.

Every order at RikerMounts.net is secure. Clicking on the Check Out button gets the process started. The security features are automatic; you don’t need to do anything special to invoke them.

Here's how it works:

After you have selected the items you want to buy, you proceed by clicking on the Check Out button. At this point, your browser looks for a “site certificate” to confirm that it is communicating securely. Once a positive ID is made, the order processing continues.

Your computer and our server begin communicating in secure mode, sending data back and forth in an encrypted format. At this point you may see a window similar to the one at right, which some browsers display when you are about to receive a secure document. It's fine to click "OK" (or "Continue") to proceed. It simply means that you will begin receiving pages and sending data in a highly secure encrypted format.

After your browser has entered secure mode, we'll ask you to enter your credit card and other personal information. The encryption features of browser software are exceptionally powerful and ensure the security of this data as it is transmitted to our server. Our site uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and 128-bit strong encryption to maintain the highest level of security.

When your order has been completed, we (1) move your encrypted order information onto a secure server that is not accessible from the Internet, and (2) transmit it in an encrypted format to our office where it is decoded. We then process and fill your order.

Here's what to look for:

Browser Standard Mode Secure Mode
1.x, 2.x, 3.x
Internet Explorer
(all versions)
No Symbol

When you use the secure features of our Web site, your Netscape or Microsoft browser will display a key or a padlock icon in the bottom left or right part of your browser window. If you are not in a secure area, the key will be broken and the padlock will be open. If you are in a secure area, the key is made whole and the padlock is shut.

Another indication that a browser is in secure mode can be found in the Web site address that your browser displays. The address will begin "http://" in standard, non-secure mode and "https://" in secure mode. The "s" stands for "secure."

Once your order is complete, it's perfectly safe for you to continue to browse our site in standard mode. In fact, once you exit the ordering process, your browser will automatically revert to this slightly faster mode of communication.

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What If I Order with a Browser That Doesn't Support Security?

You can't. Because we don't want you ever to have to worry about ordering from our site without a secure connection, we've designed our system so that it will process orders only with browsers that support secure mode. Please note that the latest versions of Netscape's and Microsoft's browsers have security features, and both are free for downloading. Visit either company's Web site for details.

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A Note About Email and Inquiries

Inquiries sent through e-mail is not secure. Do not send credit card information using this method. If you need to inquire about your order in an e-mail, please refer to the order number and the date of your order.

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For More Information

We've worked hard to bring you a secure online ordering environment. We hope you'll contact us with your questions, comments or concerns.

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