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Riker Mounts > Riker Mount Accessories

Riker Mount Accessories

Riker Mount Accessories- Pins, Clips, Hooks, Feet And Color Topper Pads Make Riker Mounts Even More Versatile .
We have the most complete line of Riker Mount accessories. We make our own Riker Clips, Safer than pins, easy on and easy off. Preferred by schools, trade-show and flea market vendors. Use just one per case or more if necessary. The Riker feet are a recent addition and come from our factory in Hickory NC. they allow your display case to stand vertical.We have two types of hooks for hanging. The clip hanger is our own design and made in Hickory.The turbo hook is a unique nut and bolt design that comes from Canada. We are constantly working on designing new items for the Riker line. We are now testing an American flag case made out of Riker Mount material that will sell for under $25. and it and all its components are made in the USA.
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