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Use the Keyword Search to find items in our catalog. Enter terms, i.e., "keywords", that are of interrest to you and click the Go or Search button.

Most of the time, you'll find what you're looking for just by entering whole words and parts of words. However, the following tips can help you make the most of your searches.

Query Basics

The set of keywords you enter is called a "query". Create your queries with as few keywords as possible. The purpose of each keyword should be to focus the query further. Since all keywords are used, each additional keyword limits the results. If you limit too much, you may miss a lot of possibly relevant results.

Start with fewer keywords. If you don't get what you need, the results may give you a good indication of what additional keywords are needed to refine your results on the next search.

More Ways To Search

  • Phrase Search ("")

    Putting double quotes around a set of keywords produces search results that have the quoted keywords words in that exact order.

  • Keywords To Exclude (-)

    Prefixing a keyword with a minus sign (-) causes catalog entries with that keyword NOT to appear in the search results.

    The minus sign must be immediately before the keyword and must be preceded with a space. A minus sign without the preceeding space is treated at a hyphen, i.e., a joining of two words to create a single hyphenated keyword.

    You can exclude as many words as you want by using the minus sign in front of each of them.

  • Fill In The Blanks (*)

    Use the asterisk (*) operator between keywords as a wildcard placeholder in a query to produce search results that have the keywords in the exact order with a word, i.e., any word, between the surrounding keywords.

    Note that the * operator works only on whole words, not parts of words. It must be surrounded by spaces.

  • Search Exactly As Is (+)

    Prefixing a keyword with a plus sign (+) causes catalog entries with that keyword to appear in the search results.

    The plus sign must be immediately before the keyword and must be preceded with a space. A plus sign without the preceeding space is treated as a character within a word, i.e., the words joined by the plus sign are treated as a single keyword in the query.

    Note that putting double quotes around a single word does the same thing.

  • The OR Operator

    By default, the search results contain catalog entries with all of the keywords in the query. By inserting the OR operator between two keywords, the search behavior is changed to produce search results with catalog entries containing either of the keywords.

    The OR operator must be entered in capital letters, i.e., OR, with spaces before and after. Otherwise, it is treated as part of the keyword to which it is attached.

    The OR operator can be used between multiple adjacent keywords to produce search results with catalog entries containing any of the multiple keywords.

    Also note that the vertical bar symbol (|) can be substituted for the OR.

Other Considerations

  • Product Numbers

    You can search for specific products by entering one or more product numbers as keywords separated by commas or spaces. Each product number must consist of the letter "A" followed by a string of five or six digits. Otherwise, the keyword is treated like any regular keyword.

  • Upper And Lower Case

    The Keyword Search is not case-sensitive. You can use upper and lower case letters interchangeably to produce the same search results.

  • Stop Words

    Words that are commonly used, like 'the', 'a', and 'for', are ignored. These kinds of words are called "stop words".

  • Punctuation

    Certain characters such as the comma (,), colon (:), semicolon (;), and period {.} are ignored when they are immediately adjacent to the beginning or end of a keyword. However, when they are embedded within keywords, they are not ignored.

    Other special characters such as the tilde (~) and back-tick (`) are ignored wherever they occur.

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